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Welcome to The THOMAS Nann group


We are a research group in Nanotechnology working at the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington and the School of Mathematical and Physical Science, University of Newcastle. Our research is focused on the synthesis and characterisation of materials with nanoscale dimensions and their applications to a variety of fields.


Our research can be divided into two broad categories; energy conversion and storage and bionano. In the energy arena we make light harvesting materials, catalysts and electrode materials for environmentally benign batteries, fuel-cells and other energy conversion and storage media. In the bionano realm we are designing bio-inspired nano-systems, producing improved sensing platforms using biology’s own nanoparticles: extracellular vesicles. We are also developing metal nanoclusters, stabilised using biomolecules such as protein and DNA, looking at applications such as bioimaging, drug delivery and theranostics. 



Research Videos

Exosomes: One mans trash is another mans treasure

What is the nanoscale??

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Thomas Nann Research group

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