Déanna Ayupova

My first involvement in research goes back to my second year of Bachelor of Science that I started at University of Houston, Texas, US. I came with no expectations and was looking for something challenging and stimulating. Later on, I was offered a research assistant position in Cancer development group while completing my degree in Biological and Physical Sciences. As research work was getting more and more fascinating, I became more interested in Biochemistry, which ended up being my second Bachelor in Science.

I have become even more involved in research later on working in Immunology department on vaccine development but already in Paris, France where I completed my Master degree in Biochemistry. I then had to decide whether or not I should go to graduate school. Shortly after that I found out myself joining research group and starting my new chapter in life.

My areas of expertise include cellular and molecular biology, Immunology, biochemistry, and structural proteomics. My current PhD project involves determining biomarkers in breath-derived exosomes for new diagnostic tool for early diagnosis of lung cancer. I believe that novelty and innovation are most important challenges that face my research journey.


In my free time I enjoy cooking, baking, travelling, hiking, and playing piano. I am a dog lover and the owner of two beautiful dogs: husky and lab. I am also an active member of conservation volunteers in New Zealand and participate in many coastal restoration missions.

Thomas Nann Research group

University of Newcastle, Australia
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand