Geoffry Laufersky

Geoffry was born and raised in central Florida (USA) and attended Florida State University, earning Bachelor’s degrees in both Chemistry and Mathematics with minors in Physics and Biology in 2012. During the pursuit of his diplomas, Geoffry began his research career under the guidance of Dr. Geoffrey Strouse, studying the colloidal synthesis and characterisation of nanoparticles, namely cadmium chalcogenide quantum dots and their utilisation as fluorescent biotags.


Following his graduation, the young researcher received an internship with Prof. Thomas Nann at the University of South Australia assisting the now-Dr. Melissa Dewi in her PhD work on the site-specific modification of surfaces for nanoparticle heterodimer assembly. After the completion of his internship he returned to the Strouse Lab at FSU to facilitate a short project on the cluster-based synthesis and spin-doping of CdSe quantum dots. In 2014, Geoffry returned to Adelaide to begin the first part of his PhD work at Flinders University under the joint supervision of Gunther Andersson and Thomas Nann.


His work examining the utility of nanoparticle/cluster heterostructures as solar fuel catalysts was well underway when Thomas received an offer for Directorship at the MacDiarmid Institute in Wellington, New Zealand.


Following the Nann lab to Victoria University of Wellington, Geoffry recommenced his PhD in 2016 and focused his work on the aminophosphine-based synthesis of Indium Phosphide quantum dots, their applications for various reduction catalysis schemes, and the computational investigation of the unusual precursor behavior present in these systems.

Thomas Nann Research group

University of Newcastle, Australia
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand