Professor Thomas Nann 

Professor Thomas Nann is the Head of School at the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Newcastle in Australia. He received his MSc (Chemistry) in 1994, and PhD (Physical Chemistry) in 1997, both from the Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg, Germany.

DR. Renee Goreham 

Renee Goreham was a senior postdoctoral fellow in the Thomas Nann group. Originally from Australia, she completed her PhD at the University of South Australia in 2013. Currently she is a lecturer at the University of Newcastle, Australia. 

Geoffry Laufersky

Geoffry was born and raised in central Florida (USA) and attended Florida State University, earning Bachelor’s degrees in both Chemistry and Mathematics with minors in Physics and Biology in 2012.

Kathryn Schroeder

Kathryn Schroeder is a PhD student in the Thomas Nann research group. She is originally from Adelaide, Australia, where she completed her BSs (Hons Chemistry) at the University of Adelaide.  

Nicolo Canever

Nicolo Canever is a PhD student in the Thomas Nann Group. He is originally from Italy where he gained his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Chemistry from the Universities of Venice and Padua (Italy).

Vaibhav Singh Bhugra

Vaibhav Singh Bhugra is a PhD student in the Thomas Nann research group. Born in India, he did his Bachelor's and Master's in Nanotechnology at Amity University, Noida, India.


Shalini Divy is pursuing her PhD degree at Victoria University of Wellington. She will be working on nanomaterials in energy storage devices under the guidance of Professor Nann.

rohan borah

Rohan Borah is pursuing his PhD research here at the MacDiarmid Institute at Victoria University in Wellington. Previously he completed his Bachelor's with Honours in Chemistry from Hindu College and received his Master's degree from Tezpur University.

Garima Dobhal

Garima Dobhal recently completed her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Biotechnology at Victoria University of Wellington in 2016. She will be pursuing her Master of Science in Chemistry at VUW under the supervision of Thomas Nann with the research focusing on the surface modification of Quantum Dots.

Zeineb ayed


Zeineb Ayed is a PhD student in the Goreham group. Originally from Tunisia where she finished her Bachelor’s degree in biology at the national institute of applied sciences and technologies (INSAT-Tunis). In 2014, Zeineb moved to Moscow to study Master of Biotechnology at D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia.

Fraser hughson

Fraser Hughson is a PhD student in the Nann research group. Based at Victoria University of Wellington he is currently working on developing magnesium ion batteries as potential energy storage solutions for the future. 

Déanna Ayupova

My first involvement in research goes back to my second year of Bachelor of Science that I started at University of Houston, Texas, US. I came with no expectations and was looking for something challenging and stimulating.

JACOB johnston

Jacob completed his First Class Honours degree in physics at the University of Otago in New Zealand in 2017, after which he moved over to Newcastle to pursue a PhD in physics in 2019.

Previous Members

DR. Siobhan Bradley 

Siobhan Bradley is a postdoctoral fellow in the Thomas Nann group. Originally from Wellington, she completed her Bachelor's (Chem, Bio) and Honours (Chem) degrees at Victoria University of Wellington and her PhD at the former Ian Wark Research Institute at the University of South Australia.

Dr. Andreas Zeller 

Dr Andreas Zeller is a Research and Development Scientist part of Professor Thomas Nann research group. His main interest is the use of nanotechnology for the development of new materials of potential commercial value.


Raphael Cedric Diputado recently finished his Bachelor's of Science, majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Cell and Molecular Bioscience at Victoria University of Wellington.

Sam Devese

Sam Devese has been studying Physics and Chemistry at Victoria University for three years. He is currently working on a summer research project involving redox flow batteries which can be used as energy storage devices and will be commencing postgraduate studies in 2017. 

Rishabh Bhatia 

Rishabh Bhatia completed his Master’s degree in Nanotechnology from Amity University, Noida (India) including a one year internship at University of South Australia (Adelaide, SA).

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