dr. Renee Goreham 

Renee Goreham completed a PhD in 2014 at the University of South Australia on the topic of NanoBiotechnology. Since completion, she has held post-doctoral positions at Flinders University, University of South Australian, and Victoria University of Wellington. She accepted a permanent lecturing position at Victoria University of Wellington in 2018, before moving to the University of Newcastle in 2019. Her expertise is in nanoparticle synthesis, characterisation and applications in biomedical systems. 


Renee's research niche combines nano- and biomaterials, in particular biosensing extracellular vesicles (exosomes), for disease diagnosis or using extracellular vesicles as bio-camouflage drug vehicles. 


The group specialises in the synthesis and characterisation of nanomaterials which we use in combination with extracellular vesicles. 


Thomas Nann Research group

University of Newcastle, Australia
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand