Sam Devese

Sam Devese has been studying Physics and Chemistry at Victoria University for three years. He is currently working on a summer research project involving redox flow batteries which can be used as energy storage devices, especially for sources of renewable energy such as solar or wind.


These sources have been described as ‘intermittent’ because there are periods of time where they might not be able to supply energy (at night, on a non-windy day etc.) and in order to facilitate continuous power uptime, energy storage technologies can be used during these times of low/no energy generation. There are several components to a redox flow battery and so, for the summer project, we are focusing on developing novel carbon fibre electrodes by making use of the electrospinning technique and seeking to improve them via surface modification.


He is also working on ways to characterise the various parameters of battery electrodes, such as surface area, conductivity and electrochemical performance in an attempt to help standardise the practice.

Thomas Nann Research group

University of Newcastle, Australia
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand